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Welcome to Ark the Improbable version 3.0! Please don't break anything. x_x Hopefully you guys enjoy the new design, and also hopefully it will be easier for me to upkeep. The last one was kind of a nightmare.

Everything is still kind of in the testing stages, so if you guys have any problems with the layout please tell us. We want this to be a nice experience for you.

For the moment there are some pages that are incomplete. They're less important than others, so I thought getting the site up faster was more of a priority. I'll finish them soon as I can though, no doubt there.

In the future this space will be for site news or important announcements. Update news and other commentary will appear below the comic. Have fun!



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The Skivvy

Dec 21st, 2011 by Nyan

So, I suppose if you're here you're wondering what's been going on.

First thing I want to say is that despite what it looks like, we haven't given up on the comic. Not even the slightest. I'm drawing pages and the Akro is writing up the next script as we speak. Unfortunately the reason it's taking so long is that life has just plain gotten in the way.

I have good news and bad news on this front. The good news is that I'm going to try and start updating again come the new year, with a new updating schedule. This once a week thing, despite how easy it sounds, was just too easy to put off and put off ad infinitum. That and since this comic features a lot of action it was boring to come and look at a page with no dialogue for the few seconds it took to look at it. So from now on we're switching to posting multiple pages every two weeks. That way you get more for your hypothetical buck when you visit.

I'm sorry to say that until those new pages start in the new year there probably won't be a lot of content here. I may post a picture or two in the meantime, but I wouldn't hold me to it. The Akro and I have a lot going on in our lives right now (which I'll refrain from going into for brevity's sake) but we do still care about this comic and want to continue it. We are very thankful for your continued patronage and hope that we can reward it soon.

The most important announcement is that we're switching hosts by the end of the month, so the website will probably have some days of downtime while we make the transfer. While our current host has been useful the cost is just getting a little too much to bare and we have to make some changes.

We love you all dear friends, and hope you have happy holidays and good fortune until we see you in the new year.